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I have known Al with Waterford Design Technologies for many years. He was our IT person at our other clinic for quite a few years. He knows that I have no desire to learn more about computers or websites for that matter. Through the years he has taught me quite a bit, if I wanted to learn or not. He helps you understand why he does what he does.

When I became President of the Wisconsin Practice Managers Association we needed a new website desperately. So I recommended we look at what Waterford Design could do for us. The members were all happy with what they saw and with the quote he gave us to do the website. So of course, because it was my suggestion and the fact I know Al, I got to work with him on developing the WVPMA website. He worked with the content we had on our old site and added new and fresh pictures and content. He really did a phenomenal job on it. The Association was very pleased with the outcome.

We then needed to do something with our veterinary clinic website. I was not happy with how it looked, it was expensive to have, and the support was not good with the website developer we had at the time. So I of course contacted Al, because I wanted a website that did not look like everyone else's and knew he would do a quality job. This website was a lot more involved for me, but in the end was worth it. He needed me to provide a lot of content and pictures because our old site did not have much in it. But in order to make this site unique to us, that is what we needed to do. Believe it or not, I actually had fun doing it. He really wants you to be involved in the process, because in the end it is your website.

The other nice thing in working with Al, you pay one price for him to develop your website and that is it. There are no monthly fees. You can either manage your website or have him do it. If you have him manage it, you just pay for what he does. He is very prompt in making any changes you need. He is very enjoyable to work with. I highly recommend Waterford Design Technologies. You will not find a better person to work with or that truly cares about the work he does for you.

Tina Euteneier, CVT
Veterinary Hospital Administrator
Fox Valley Veterinary Service