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Most web site design companies have a form for you to fill out to contact them or to get a quote. We don't believe there is a set formula that would enable us to give you a quote based on information you would provide us via a form submission. There are simply too many variables.


The two primary elements that are used for quoting are level of design and page count. Design is based on the industry you are in, how competitive that industry is on the web, your direct competition, existing marketing materials and of course your preferences.

Initial Consultations

Whenever possible we prefer to meet with you in person and our initial consultations are FREE! If meeting in person is not possible, then at the very least phone conversations or Skype.


Web sites take a bit of time to build correctly. It's important to have a good working relationship with your developer. We pride ourselves on that and that's the reason we prefer to meet if at all possible and establish that rapport. We do have clients that we have never met in person due to location. Telephone and email has worked!

Contacting Us

No phone droids here! We are always reachable by email or phone. If you have questions or concerns regarding your project, they will be answered or addressed in a reasonable time frame. We pride ourselves on good client relationships, communication and education.

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Al really listened to what we wanted and not only brought a functional, professional web site to us, but one that appealed to our client base, at a reasonable price. One year later, his on going customer service is also fantastic.

Becky Gallagher
Office Administration
Whitewater Property Management

Carpenter Brothers, Inc. has worked with Waterford Design for more than 15 years. We are in the foundry industry and thought it was time to get a web site started; however, we had no idea how to do this. Al Sikora walked us through the process and gave us our homework to do... Our web site and business has gone through changes since our initial working with Waterford Design. Al Sikora learned a lot about the foundry industry and how Carpenter Brothers, Inc. does business and our company culture. With that information he then created our web site. Since that initial site and the one we have today we feel we have a state-of-the-art site that will give our customers the product and company information they are looking for.

Feel free to checkout Carpenter Brothers Inc. and J Carpenter Environmental to view our latest web sites. I highly recommend Waterford Design for your web site needs.

Julie M. Pierce
Carpenter Brothers, Inc.

Waterford Design Technologies took the time to investigate all aspects of the field that is essential in the design of Grohs Electric's web site. The web site is extremely comfortable to navigate in order to find vital information about my company. Al was polite, knowledgeable and very prompt in the completion of the web site. I recommend Waterford Design Technologies for the design of any businesses web site to maximize exposure and to increase business.

Mark J. Grohs
Grohs Electric LLC

River City Auto Body is pleased with the excellent customer service, and the ability to think outside of the box in today's crucial economic environment. Waterford Design Technologies truly has the ability to provide options and insight in the web-based form. We would recommend WDT to help speed the growth of any business!

Jim Phillips
River City Auto Body


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